LIDC, International League of Competition Law, är en schweizisk oberoende vetenskaplig förening som bildades 1930 och verkar för en tillbörlig konkurrens på den gemensamma marknaden. Föreningen anordnar bland annat en årlig internationell kongress och tar beslut i frågor relaterade till otillbörlig konkurrens och konkurrensrätt. LIDC publicerar även tidskriften ERIC som innehåller artiklar om den senaste utvecklingen inom konkurrensrätten. Läs mer om LIDC här

2022 – Congress in Milano 20 – 23 October

The questions that will be discussed are the followings:

COMPETITION QUESTION – What role could/should sustainability goals play in competition policy and enforcement and how are competition authorities addressing this?
International Rapporteur: Julian Nowag, Lund University 

IP QUESTION – ‘Green IP’: What is the role of intellectual property in sustainability?
International Rapporteur: Christopher de Mauny, Bird & Bird

To read more about the event and register, you can visit LIDCs dedicated website for the event. 

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2021 – Congress in Brussels 22 – 24 September

– Due disruptive innovations call for disruptive competition law enforcement?

Welcome to the LIDC Congress 2021! This year the event is organized both virtually and physically in order to offer everyone the opportunity to participate. The following questions will be discussed:

  • Question A:
    “Tasks and competences of NCA’s in a data driven society”?
    Dominik Schäfers
  • Question B:
    “Influencers, native advertising and the use of AI for marketing – how can it be controlled by law?”
    Marta Delgado Echevarria

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CANCELLED – 2020 – Congress in Brussels 15th – 18th October

The questions that will be discussed are the following :

Question A : “Tasks and competences of national competition law authorities in a data driven society”

For Question, A the international reporter is Jens Gaster, policy officer at the European Commission.

Question B : Influencers, native advertising and the use of AI for marketing – how can it be controlled by law? 

For Question B, the international reporter is Marta Delgado Echevarría, Partner at JONES DAY

—– This event was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic —– 


2019 – Congress in Paris 7th – 10th October 




The 2019 LIDC congress was held in Paris. The following questions were processed:

Question A: “To what extent should competition law be concerned with differences in prices, terms and conditions, or quality offered by suppliers to different purchasers

International Rapporteurs: Christophe Lemaire and David Sevy 

Question B: “Should there be legal restrictions on the ability of persons who claim, without sufficient justification, to hold IP rights that have been infringed to bring, or to threaten to bring, legal proceedings based on such claims against their competitors or others?

International Rapporteur: Mark Anderson

Picture of one of the panel discussions.

Lars Henriksson representing Sweden on the far left.

Photographer: C. Torelm Tornberg



Picture of the National Assembly in Paris

Photographer: C. Torelm Tornberg





At the Paris Congress the League has elected the General Rapporteur, Thomas Hoeren (Germany), the Deputy General Rapporteur, Collette Rawnsley (United-Kingdom), the Treasurer, Marianne Decker (Luxembourg), the Deputy Treasurer, Cecilia Torelm Tornberg (Nordic group) and the Communication Officer, Ottavia Raffaelli (Italy).


2016 – Congress in Geneva- 6th-9th of October.

Question A, Vladimir Bastidas : With reference to pharmaceutical or financial services, in what way should the application of competition rules be affected by sectorial specific rules that reflect public policy imperatives in these sectors?

Question B, Marcus Ateva & Ludwig Severin : What rules should govern claims by suppliers of goods or services about national or geographic origin of their goods or services?

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Kongressen 2015 hölls i Stockholm på Grand Hôtel, den 1-4 oktober. Då behandlades följande frågor:

Question A : Abuse of Dominant position and Globalization: Is there any consistency between the recent approach of the different
jurisdictions to the notion of abuse? Are there too many restrictions on legal rights and business opportunities?
Question B : Protection and Disclosure of Know-how: Are countries providing enough or too much protection?

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Kongressen 2014 kommer att hållas i Torino, Italien den 18-21 september. Då kommer följande frågor att behandlas:

Question A : Are settlement processes, leniency, transactions, commitments and other type of transactional resolution of antitrust proceedings, consistent and compatible with due process and fundamental rights of the parties ?

Question B : To what extent does the principle of exhaustion of IP rights apply to the on-line industry ?


2013 LIDC kongress i Kiev behandlades dessa ämnen:

Question A: “The grocery retail market: is antitrust effeciently handling this market?” (merger, restrictive practices, abuse of dominant position)

Queston B: “On what legal grounds could or should commercial practices, i.e. manufacturing, marketing, distribution or advertisements, of items produce or services rendered in violation of standards, statements, commitments or CSR voluntarily issued or adopted by an undertaking, be sanctioned or prevented?”